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With years of experience as a certified translation authority, we passionately support law firms, corporate legal teams, notaries, tax consultants, judiciary bodies, governmental agencies, and private individuals, bridging language gaps in legal contexts with unmatched fervor and precision.

Legal Translation with a Zeal for Excellence

We specialize in the precision translation of contracts, patents, and deeds. Our native-speaking legal translators ensure your documents meet the highest standards of legal compliance. Depending on your needs, we offer the option of having your documents certified, either by a sworn translator or a notary public.

Business & Finance Translations

Our legal translation team, comprising business management specialists, meticulously translates your financial documents. We adeptly manage corporate financial statements, annual reports, and international tax returns, guaranteeing full compliance with multifaceted global requirements.

Legal Clarity for Authorities and NGOs

With a rich history of collaboration, we're the go-to translation service for global authorities and NGOs. Dive into our world of expertise where your legal texts, draft laws, petitions, verdicts, and indictments are transformed with clarity and precision. Let's elevate your impact—consult with us today for translations that resonate.

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Looking for a translation partner to handle your legal documents, court orders, financial reports, or patent applications with precision and confidentiality? Our translation agency ensures linguistically precise legal translations, adhering to the DIN EN ISO 17100 quality standard. As a premier name in legal translations, our offerings span across 500+ language pairs. Our team of expert translators, equipped with robust academic backgrounds and in-depth knowledge of legal domains, guarantees excellence in every project. Reach out to us via phone, email, or in-person consultation, and let us provide you with a complimentary quote! Your legal translation needs are in capable hands.


As a legal translation firm, we stand for quality, punctuality and personal customer service. Close cooperation with our clients creates a relationship of mutual trust, which leads to successful project implementation. Discretion and data protection go without saying.


Depending on the parameters of your project, we will assign the appropriate legal translator from our staff. If required, we can also put together an entire team to increase the turnaround time by around 1500 words per day per translator. Technical terms can be saved and reused later.


In order to comply with international quality guidelines, all translation orders are embedded in a professional project management, which includes a final proofreading for spelling, grammar and syntax. Of course, we provide a quality guarantee for our legal translations and the services of our court interpreters.

Legally compliant document translations

In the run-up to a translation order, we will be happy to support you in creating a glossary to ensure consistent terminology. It goes without saying that data security is at the heart of everything we do. We use all documents exclusively for order processing and invoicing purposes, and our employees or assistants are sworn to secrecy. We are happy to sign an NDA in advance. Simply contact one of our project manager and get personal advice.

Legal translations for the European Court of Justice (ECJ)

We regularly take part in the tenders of the ECJ's legal translation service. A total of 23 language sections are coordinated here, for the languages German, English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Croatian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish and Swedish. The texts to be translated are all highly complex, specialized legal texts. In order to meet the high standards, the ECJ only employs lawyers with a full law degree and excellent knowledge of at least two languages, in addition to their own mother tongue.

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